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LED123, Your specialist in customized LED linear lighting


Made in Canada

LED123 designs and manufactures all of its products and solutions in its Quebec-based plant, allowing for better control over production times and processes that can be adapted to your project needs.

Affordable customization

Having no intermediary agreements with the best suppliers of components and raw materials, LED123 can manufacture custom products for you while remaining very competitive. No more reason to settle for generic products.

Quality without compromise

From raw material sourcing to shipping, LED123 does nothing by halves. Every detail counts for our team. We offer you the best and nothing less!

Fast and personalized service

Every client is unique and every project is different. LED123 understands this and that's why its team always strives to adapt to its clients and not the other way around. Also, thanks to its exclusive and innovative work tools, LED123 is faster to provide you with proposals and quotes that meet your expectations.

A team of specialists at your disposal

Combining their expertise, LED123 and its business partners put at your disposal a complete team of multidisciplinary experts to help and accompany you in your projects.

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