WHY LED123 …

Made in Canada

LED123 designs and manufactures all its products and solutions from its factory based in Quebec province thus allowing it a better control over production lead-times and processes which can be adapted to the requirements of your projects.

Affordable custom-made

Having intermediaries-free agreements with the best components and raw materials suppliers, LED123 can manufacture tailor-made products for you while remaining very competitive. No good reason to settle for generic products anymore.

Quality without compromise

From raw material sourcing to shipping, LED123 does nothing halfway. The smallest detail matters for LED123‘s team. We give you the best and nothing less!

Fast and personalized support

Each client is unique, and each project is different. LED123 understands this and that is why its team makes sure to always adapt to their customers and not the other way around. Also, thanks to its exclusive and innovative working tools, LED123 is faster to provide you proposals and quotes that meet your expectations.

A team of specialists at your disposal

Combining their expertise, LED123 and business partners provide you with a complete team of multidisciplinary experts to help you and support you in your projects.

… These are just a few of the many benefits that LED123 offers you.